The purpose of the organization to found and continue SRINGERI EDUCATION AND VEDIC ACADAMY (SEVA) is to establishing a place of worship as a permanent place of holding religious and cultural congregations, to conduct religious discourses, and institute meditation and cultural centers, celebrate Hindu religious festivals, conduct religious classes and provide facilities for conducting marriage and other religious ceremonies and rituals.


SRINGERI EDUCATION AND VEDIC ACADAMY (SEVA) is established with the mission to promote Hindu culture and its values. It shall promote and provide access to different modes of Hindu culture, values, traditions and practices based on various Indian regions and languages. 


The activities of SRINGERI EDUCATION AND VEDIC ACADAMY (SEVA) include but not limited to, promotion of Indian culture and heritage, conducting educational classes in Indian languages, yoga, music, dance and other fine arts, conducting concerts and to inviting artists to perform here for the benefit of public. The center shall serve as a focal point for community services including but not limited to serving needs of senior citizens, family and youth counseling and support, library and reading room and finally promotion of artistic expression and development of appreciation for classical music.

Universal Access:

While SRINGERI EDUCATION AND VEDIC ACADAMY (SEVA) shall primarily cater to the cultural needs of Hindus living in California, and beyond, its activities will be open to everyone in the community. SRINGERI EDUCATION AND VEDIC ACADAMY (SEVA) shall interact with other cultural organizations and individuals within California and beyond to promote understanding and respect for other cultures.